Tabletop SEM COXEM

A benchtop SEM combines the small footprint and ease of use of the light microscope with the high resolution and analytical capabilities of the electron microscope. The navigation camera quickly locates your sample and the area to be examined, and the auto functions produce an image in no time.


Whereas the SE (for secondary electrons) detector gives an image with topography and great depth of field, the BSE (for backscattered electrons) is the ideal detector to show different composition, for example foreign particles or inclusions. Both detectors are included as standard.


The device can be operated in high vacuum or in low vacuum mode. The high vacuum is ideal for high resolutions with electrically conductive or coated samples. For insulating samples, a lower vacuum is created in the chamber so that the charge on the surface is neutralized. 


Coxem Tisch-REM / tabletop SEM


The wide voltage range in COXEM benchtop SEM brings great advantages, to image different samples. The low voltages below 5 kV make it possible to image the surface in an extremely fine and structured way, while the high voltages up to 30 kV have a great benefit in material determination by EDX or can also image structures below the surface.


The COXEM SEM can be extended with a microanalysis system and allows you a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the sample. The EDX system consists of an X-ray detector, a hardware and the AZTec software with wide possibilities like mapping and linescans.


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Tabletop SEM COXEM
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