Due to the modular design of the WITec microscopes scanning probe, high-resolution optical and Raman microscopy techniques can optionally be offered individually or combined in one instrument. This provides maximum flexibility across a wide range of applications.

The microscope setup works according to the modular principle: it is possible, for example, to start with a confocal Raman microscope and expand this later with atomic force microscopy (AFM). Thus, chemical Raman and structural AFM information from the same sample region can be obtained and correlated using only a single instrument. For high-resolution optical information, the microscope can also be additionally equipped with scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) technology.

With these microscopy techniques nanometer scale sample analysis is possible, with little or no sample preparation in a non-destructive way. Due to the high flexibility and user-friendliness of the microscopes, the examination technique can be perfectly adapted to the sample properties, thus optimizing the result.

Typical applications can be found in all fields of surface and material sciences, geosciences, life sciences, pharmaceutical research, nanophotonics and nanotechnology.