An electron microscope for the Technorama

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The Swiss Science Center Technorama is an institution known far beyond the Swiss borders. With more than a quarter of a million visitors in 2019, it is one of the most important meeting places that brings the fascination for natural sciences to life at more than 500 experiment stations. More than 3,500 school classes dedicated themselves to specific questions in the laboratories. Among other things, classical optical microscopy is used. Because these techniques are limited in terms of resolution, depth of field or analysis, Technorama has wanted a scanning electron microscope (SEM) for some time to provide an insight into the nanoworld. For example, to distinguish the eyes of a fly from those of an ant, to see plants breathe, or to determine why wood can be so stable even though it is so light. The world of electron microscopy is almost unlimited, opens up undreamed-of worlds and stimulates the imagination and the ability to think.


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Together with a microanalysis system, not only images can be created, but it can be determined which elements a sample consists of. This opens up unimagined possibilities in the fields of biology, mineralogy, metallurgy and many more. The students can take home what they have experienced digitally by means of pictures and evaluation of the composition.


And this is where we come in and maybe you too. We would like to make it possible for Technorama to have a powerful electron microscope from Carl Zeiss (the details of the electron microscope can be found here). The investment sum amounts to 150,000 Swiss francs, of which Gloor Instruments AG takes over 40,000 Swiss francs. For the remaining financing we are looking for sponsors for large but also small donations. 


So that the operating costs for the SEM are covered and to ensure long-term use of the microscope, this has already been taken care of and regulated in a cooperation agreement between Technorama and Gloor Instruments AG.


Help us and make it possible for thousands of children and young people an unforgettable experience and perhaps even ignite the initial spark for a career in science and technology.